Tired Of Trouble Tickets? Dead Air? False Answer Supervision?

In our industry (or any industry, for that matter) - there are few things as maddening as theft. False Answer Supervision (FAS) refers to VoIP fraud, when A-party is incorrectly billed: billed duration is more than duration of actual telephone conversation. The FAS is usually performed by VoIP wholesalers in their soft switches for randomly selected calls. The team at RSCom views FAS as a form of outright theft, pure and simple. We turned our frustration inward, identified how to rid ours and other networks of FAS, and developed a proprietary tool* to easily settle disputes with our own trusted vendors and colleagues.

*Technology based on domestic US Tier-1 routing only.

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RSCom Has Done Something About It!

Combining our strategic US Tier-1 partnerships and RSCom's proprietary technology, FAS.Ninja can test for AND prove FAS with in a 1% margin of error on any network in the USA.

There is never a bad time to use FAS.Ninja, and below are just a few basic instances:

About to interop with a new US vendor?

Test them

Hear a rumor about a US provider of yours?

Test them

Randomized testing of overall US network health.

Test them

Open trouble tickets with your US vendors before your clients open them up with you!

How does it work?

Point FAS.Ninja at any US-based vendor or set of vendors you want, any time of day and get results in minutes. Take CDRs and call recordings right from the portal to provide hard data to your vendors of fraudulent behavior. If your company is tired of hearing “we were unable to reproduce this issue” - FAS.Ninja will help gather the proof, so you and present a solution!

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Here Are Some of the Features:

Identify FAS

On all US networks you are connected to

Unlimited Testing 24/7/365

Test all US networks you are connected to without restriction

Daily Updated Database

Be confident you have the most up to date information

All Incidents Are Recorded

Recordings are live and made available immediately for use

Easy To Use

Designed with simplicity and accuracy in mind

Trace Functionality

Easily uncover the origin of FAS. Specifically pinpoint the offenders!

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